WPC offers a variety of Dell PC platforms for GUS or EST configurations. Hardware Only. We also carry LCNP4, LCNP4M and LCNP4E cards.



The FP-3000STS is an LED-Backlit flat panel monitor with touchscreen. It is designed to be a replacement for the 18” Sony CRT or LCD-type display. No bezel change required


Solid State Disk Drive

This compact flash based SCSI drive emulates the Seagate hard drives used with Honeywell’s History Module, single or dual-logical configurations. The industrial-grade compact flash offers high reliability with no moving parts.


CFZE-2GB Zip Emulator

The CFZE2GB is a direct replacement for the original Zip drive used with Honeywell Universal Stations. Same form factor and cable connections, so installation is fast and easy. Just set the SCSI address, attach the power and data cables and the drive is ready for use.
LCD Displays

19" LCD Displays for every Honeywell Application

Our LCD flat-panel displays are designed as a direct replacement for all monitors used in Honeywell console/desktop applications.

VESA Displays

FP3000 VESA Mount

The FP3000-VESA is an LED-Backlit flat panel display designed to be a replacement for the Honeywell VESA "Bolt On" monitor utilizing the EPDG/EPDGP video system.

LCD Displays

4th Quarter Monitor Discount
Oct. 1st thru Dec. 31st

Save from $760 - $800 per monitor
Saving on monitors
FP3000BTS - FP3019TSZ - FP3000 VESA - FP3019TS-DT

LCD Displays


This second generation LED Back-lit flat-panel display was designed as a direct replacement for the CRT-based monitors used in Honeywell's Universal Station with EPDG or EPDG2 video.


K4LCN4 - 4th Quarter Discount
$1,995 w/Exchange

Offer starts October 1st running through December 31st.

US Parts

US Life Extension

Universal Station life extension. WPC can supply K2/K4LCN boards and EPDG/EPDG2 to extend and keep your Universal Stations updated and running.


Logic Manager Module

The LMM serves as the UCN Interface, a Control Processor executing ladder logic, and an I/O Link Processor collecting data from a serial or parallel I/O subsystem.


Integrated Common Electronics

ICE - The Integrated Common Electronics Card is a single board design that replaces the existing CPU, memory (RAM/ROM), Trend, & both Data Hiway Interface cards for the Hiway devices.


51301874-100   MUX

Thermocouple mux board for the Low Energy PIU. WPC installs NEW RELAYS, eliminating the primary failure mechanism.




Contains four Universal power supplies with all NEW components.
 *85 - 264 VAC at 50/60 Hz
 *73% Efficiency = Cooler Temp.
 *Low Output Ripple
 *Over-voltage Protection (OVP)




WPC offers a NEW 51303940 Dual Fan Alarm Assembly replacement for the original Honeywell fan. We offer both 115v and 230v, CE Compliant and Conformally Coated.


PM/APM to HPM Upgrade Kits

HPM upgrade kits available in Single or Redundant configurations, 15-slot or 7-slot chassis. Contact WPC with your specific needs.


Logic Manager - IPC 620

WPC continues to offer support including 620-0071 LMM, 620-0036 processor power supplies, and all other parts for the IPC 620-35.



LCN Parts and Support

WPC offers parts and support for all TDC 3000 5-Slot and Dual Node cards files, single or redundant nodes, for Classic or Z-Style mount, CE and Non-CE power supplies.



WPC offers cash or credit.

Western Process Computers is currently looking for surplus LCN and UCN equipment. Contact us with your equipment list for review.

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