Compact Flash Zip Emulator


The CFZE-2GB is a direct replacement for the original Zip drive used with Honeywell Universal Stations. It has the same form factor and cable connections, so installation is fast and easy. Just set the SCSI address, then attach the power and data cables and the drive is ready for service. The Universal Station sees the drive as a standard Zip drive, with all of the capabilities of the original Zip drive. This includes file storage, fast load cartridges, History Module backup, etc.

The CFZE-2GB with a 4GB compact flash chip has enough capacity to back up an entire History Module drive to a single chip. The Universal Station's CR command or the "Removable Media Initialization" target on the station will format the entire 4GB CF chip as if it were a Zip cartridge. Since this is a data storage application, the CF media used with the device should be "Industrial Grade". We supply a 4GB chip with the drive. Due to CF chip manufacturer changes we recommend ordering certified spare media from WPC.