Compact Flash HD-Dual


Solid State Technology

This compact flash based SCSI drive emulates the Seagate hard drives used with Honeywell's History Module, in the dual-logical configuration. The industrial-grade compact flash offers high reliability with no moving parts.

Seagate Emulation

The CFHD-D1800 is configured to emulate a Seagate ST318438LW SCSI hard drive. It uses the same power and data connections as the original Seagate hard drive, and can be configured for the SCSI address of the drive that it replaces.

Easy Installation

With the same form factor as the original Seagate drive and matching connectors, this replacement drive installs easily into the HM drive tray. These drives fit into the new style WDA tray and will not mount in dual transverse style trays. For a redundant installation, the new drive can then be synchronized with the existing drive, as would be done with the original Seagate drive. For a non-redundant installation, the new drive may be restored from a back-up of your current configuration. Replacement CompactFlash cards must be formatted using Honeywell HVTS prior to use in the CFHD-D1800. CompactFlash purchased from WPC is shipped pre-formatted.