MiniCOP Module


The 627-1002R and 627-1003R MiniCOP Modules are self-contained, full-function industrial microcomputers designed for ASCII communication.
The 627-1002RC is a double-width module.
The 627-1003RC is a triple-width module

Each MiniCOP uses the OS-9 operating system and supports BASIC09 or Assembly Language. The OS-9 operating system utilities are functionally identical to 627 COP Microcomputer utilities.

Both modules contain 16K ROM with 48K of user workspace and 256K COPRAM. The MiniCOP memory configuration has an 8192-bit data table (512 16-bit registers). OS-9 utilities allow high-level language access to the MiniCOP's data table locations, which may be referenced as single bits, 16-bit registers, or both.

These modules communicate with peripheral devices through asynchronous serial data ports. The hardware-selectable serial port parameters include signal type (RS232, RS422, or 20mA), full- or halfduplex communication, and multidrop or point-to-point configuration. Baud rate, data bits, stop bits, and parity are software-selectable. The 627-1002RC module has three 25-pin D-type female connectors for serial communication. The 627-1003RC has three 25-pin D-type female ports for serial communication, an additional 25-pin D-type connector port for video output/keyboard input, a modular keyboard port, three BNC-type video ports for RGB color monitor signals, and one BNC port for monochrome signals. All video ports are adjustable from the front panel.

627-1002RC/-1003RC MiniCOP modules do not fit in slot A or H of 620-1690/-1692 racks or slots A, E, or F of the 620-3691 rack.