Isolated Analog Input


8-Point 0-20 mA Isolated Analog Input Module

The 'R' suffix indicates the module can be removed or inserted into an I/O rack while the rack remains powered. Other I/O modules in the rack continue to control the machine or process.

The model 621-0022-AR Isolated Analog Input Module provides eight isolated input channels and can be configured for various high level analog input signals.

Module Features:
• Eight differential inputs per module
• Configurability for these ranges:

Unipolar Bipolar
0 to 10 Vdc -10 to +10 Vdc
0 to 5 Vdc -5 to +5 Vdc
1 to 5 Vdc
0 to 20 mA
4 to 20 mA

• Adjustable span and zero offset capability for each channel allows each input range to be calibrated exactly.
• Selectable input signal filtering
• Module fault reporting

These boards have one of the three following options:
621-0022-A = 4-20mA input, non-redundant
621-0022-AR = 4-20mA input, redundant
621-0022-VR = 1-10VDC, redundant