Universal Analog Input


Universal Analog Input - 16 Inputs
The model 621-0020R Universal Analog Input Module (UAIM) allows you to obtain data from a maximum of 16 analog input sources. It contains an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that changes the analog signals into binary counts.

The 'R' suffix indicates the module can be removed or inserted into an I/O rack while the rack remains powered. Other I/O modules in the rack continue to control the machine or process.

An analog input module accepts analog signals from field devices connected to the module's terminals and converts the signal data to 12-bit binary values (0 to 4095) via an analog-to-digital converter contained in the module's circuitry. The digital values are stored in a holding register in the module and can be accessed by the Logic Manager control processor via a PULL instruction.