Comm. Interface Module


The 620-0043 Communications Interface Module (CIM) is to be used in 620 Logic Controller Systems (LCSs) to serve as an interface between a 620 Control Processor Module (CPM) and a Modicon MODBUS compatible network. The CIM's instruction set is a subset of commands used with the Modicon MODBUS RTU protocol. These commands are supported within the Honeywell Data Hiway Port (DHP) system.

The 620 CPM's input /output status and register contents may be examined or modified through the CIM. Diagnostic instructions are also incorporated. Access through the CIM allows data collection and manipulation and other services beyond the capabilities of the programmable controller.
The Communications Interface Modules are optional in the 620-25/35 processor. They provide interface to the 627-70 COP microcomputer or other serial devices.