Memory Module 2K


Model No.
620-0025 (2K, 2048 words)
620-0026 (4K, 4096 words)
620-0027 (8K, 8192 words)
620-0023 (l6K, 16,384 words)
620-0024 (24K, 24,576 words)

This is a 2K memory module.
The Memory Module stores the user control program. The green status LED, labeled PASS, located on the front of the module energizes after successful completion of the module self-test. The memory module is positioned in cardrack slot C in the 620-25 and E of the 620-35.

Additional memory modules can be inserted in option slots A - B in the 620-25 or slots A - D in the 620-35 to increase memory capacity to 32K. The memory starting address must be set for each module forming contiguous memory space in order for a complete memory scan to occur during operation.