UDHP board


The Universal Data Hiway Port (UDHP) is Honeywell's latest upgrade for installation in existing Data Hiway Port I (HL100), Data Hiway Port II (HL200) and Data Hiway Port II (HL200) w/ Retry Logic Data Hiway boxes on TDC 2000/3000 systems . The new UDHP can replace previously installed DHP1 & DHP2 electronics or can be used in new DHP2 installations .

• The UDHP replaces the existing CPU ROM, and both CMOS RAM cards in all three DHP types : DHP1, DHP2, and DHP2 w/Retry.
• The single new PWA replaces the DHP PWAs

The NEW Integrated Common Electronics Card (ICE) 80603830-003 is a single board design that replaces the existing CPU, memory (RAM/ROM), Trend, & both Data Hiway Interface cards using today's state of the art technologies.