I/O Link Extender


The I/O Link Extender is used to extend the PM/APM/HPM's I/O Link Interface through fiber optic cable. If a portion of an controllers I/O is installed in an enclosure (cabinet) other than the enclosure that the controller is resident in, and the distance between the enclosures exceeds the allowable segment length of an I/O Link Interface cable, the use of an I/O Link Extender can be considered.
A short or long distance I/O Link Extender (1.3 or 8 kilometers) is available.

Both Link A and Link B of the I/O Link Interface must be terminated at both ends. The PMM/APMM/HPMM or local IOP card file provides local I/O Link Interface termination. To provide termination at the remote card file, the I/O Link Interface Extender card has jumper selectable terminators available. The LINK TERMINATION jumper, J2, has two positions, " IN" and "OUT."