UCN 220v Fan Assembly


Up to four Cabinet Fan assemblies can be powered by the 120 Vac or 240 Vac provided by the four 3-pin connectors of the Standard or AC Only Power System configurations.
An optional Cabinet Fan assembly has an LED indicator that indicates normal operation of both fans and an alarm signal, represented by normally open contacts, is available at a terminal strip, TB1. The contacts are closed when the Cabinet Fan assembly is operating normally. The operation of the Cabinet Fan assembly can be monitored by a 24 Vdc Digital Input FTA, by providing the alarm 24 Vdc signal source from the FTA and returning it to the FTA through the alarm contacts.

WPC recommends that you do not buy this assembly as a used assembly. We routinely see fans with more than 20 years of continuous operation on them, and a questionable amount of lifetime left. The fan used on this assembly is a high-quality all-metal ball-bearing fan with a speed-monitoring sensor built in. We install NEW fans, the same as the original fans, on every HPM cabinet fan assembly that we sell.