Universal DHP Upgrade Kit


New technology components reduce component quantity and size and also increase component reliability . By using fewer, more reliable components and increasing the internal diagnostics, system reliability and robustness is improved. One new PWA replaces four old technology PWAs therefore fewer spares are required.
UDHP components are backward compatible with previous DHP releases .

• New UDHP's are "plug and play" compatible with all previously installed DHP PWAs being replaced.
• No modification of existing network/box configurations.
• Increased offline and online diagnostics.
• New UDHP is based on Motorola 68020 central processing unit (CPU) technology.
• 6 bit Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) UDHP memory.
• CPU diagnostic routines are based on highly successful diagnostics used in other Honeywell controller products.
• Diagnostics not viewable through the Operator Station are viewable via the PWA-level LED's.