HPM Power Supply


This is the replacement power supply to p/n 51198947-100 .

The power supply is an AC input, AC/DC output power supply intended for use in Honeywell UCN (PM, APM or HPM) equipment cabinets.

The supply operates from line voltage 100 to 240 VAC, or (48 Vdc) batteries, and is CE-compliant.

The DC output is nominally rated at the output from the AC Line, and 24-26Vdc when powered from 48V battery. The design also includes a charging circuit for the 48V battery. There is also a nominal 6 Vac, line-frequency output rated at 35 milliamps load, to provide line frequency synchronization.

The full load operating temperature range is -20 to +55 deg C. Derating of the output load capability applies linearly above 55°C at 0.5 amp/deg C to a maximum temperature of +65 deg C.

Two or more power supplies may be used with their outputs paralleled.

The supply is in compliance with all the applicable directives of the European Economic Community (EEC).