UCN Cables and Taps
As of: July 22, 2024
Part No Model No Description Status
51109485-100 UCN 8-Drop Tap Kit
51195153-001 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 1m
51195153-002 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 2m
51195153-003 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 3m
51195153-005 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 5m
51195153-010 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 10m
51195153-020 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 20m
51195153-030 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 30m
51195153-901 UCN RG-6 Drop Cable Set 1.5m
51195199-002 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 2m
51195199-005 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 5m
51195199-010 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 10m
51195199-015 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 15m
51195199-020 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 20m
51195199-030 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 30m
51195199-050 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 50m
51195199-200 UCN Trunk Cable Set, 200m
51195479-100 I/O Link Cable Set 2-Drop
51195479-200 I/O Link Cable Set 3-Drop
51195479-300 I/O Link Cable Set 4-Drop
51195479-400 I/O Link Cable Set 5-Drop
51201394-100 UCN 2-Drop Tap Kit
51201395-100 UCN 4-Drop Tap Kit
51201397-001 MU-KDPR01 Power Distribution Cable XPM 1m
51201397-002 Power Distribution Cable XPM 2m
51201397-003 Power Distribution Cable XPM 3m
51201397-004 MU-KDPR04 Power Distribution Cable XPM 4m
51201397-005 MU-KDPR05 Power Distribution Cable XPM 5m
51201397-006 Power Distribution Cable XPM 6m
51201397-008 Power Distribution Cable XPM 8m
51201397-010 MU-KDPR10 Power Distribution Cable XPM 10m
51201397-015 MU-KPDR15 Power Distribution Cable XPM 15m
51201397-020 MU-KDPR20 Power Distribution Cable XPM 20m
51201397-025 MU-KDPR25 Power Distribution Cable XPM 25m
51201397-030 MU-KDPR30 Power Distribution Cable XPM 30m
51201397-035 MU-KDPR35 Power Distribution Cable XPM 35m
51201397-040 MU-KDPR40 Power Distribution Cable XPM 40m
51201397-045 MU-KDPR45 Power Distribution Cable XPM 45m
51201397-050 MU-KDPR50 Power Distribution Cable XPM 50m
51201397-915 MU-KDPR02 Power Dist. Cable XPM 1.5m
51201420-001 MU-KFTA01 FTA cable 1 meter
51201420-002 MU-KFTA02 FTA Cable 2 meters
51201420-003 MU-KFTA03 FTA Cable 3 meters
51201420-004 MU-KFTA04 FTA Cable 4 meters
51201420-005 MU-KFTA05 FTA Cable 5 meters
51201420-006 MU-KFTA06 FTA Cable 6 meters
51201420-008 MU-KFTA08 FTA Cable 8 meters
51201420-010 MU-KFTA10 FTA Cable 10 meters
51201420-015 MU-KFTA15 FTA Cable 15 meters
51201420-020 MU-KFTA20 FTA Cable 20 meters
51201420-025 MU-KFTA25 FTA Cable 25 meters
51201420-030 MU-KFTA30 FTA Cable 30 meters
51201420-040 MU-KFTA40 FTA Cable 40 meters
51201420-045 FTA Cable 45 meters
51201420-050 MU-KFTA50 FTA Cable 50 meters
51201420-915 FTA Cable 1.5 meters
51201553-100 DIN (F) - Phone (M) Adapt
51201667-100 HPM Redundancy Cable
51204033-003 MU-KFTS03 FTA Cable 3m CE
51204033-004 MU-KFTS04 FTA Cable 4m CE
51204033-005 MU-KFTS05 FTA Cable 5m CE
51204033-006 FTA Cable 6m CE
51204033-010 MU-KFTS10 FTA Cable 10m CE
51204033-015 MU-KFTS15 FTA Cable 15m CE
51204033-020 MU-KFTS20 FTA Cable 20m CE
51204033-025 FTA Cable 25m CE
51204033-030 FTA Cable 30m CE
51204033-050 MU-KFTS50 FTA Cable 50m CE
51204042-100 I/O Lnk Cbl Set 2-Drop CE
51204042-200 I/O Lnk Cbl Set 3-Drop CE
51204126-001 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge 1m
51204126-002 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge 2m
51204126-915 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge
51204138-001 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge CE 1M
51204138-002 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge CE 2M
51204138-915 I/O Link Cbl Set/Surge CE 1.5M
80366198-100 MU-KBFT01 FTA Bridge Cable, 1m
80366198-200 MU-KBFT02 FTA Bridge Cable, 2M

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