Continuing Support for TDC 2000 Systems

Hiway Support

Good News About Future Support for Honeywell's TDC 2000 Data Hiways

Honeywell’s TDC 2000 equipment has provided the foundation for a remarkably robust control system, still widely used in the distributed control systems of many major industrial companies. Western Process Computers, Inc. has supplied and will continue to supply replacement hardware and training to assist our customers in preserving the reliability and longevity of TDC 2000 systems.

We have recently heard from several customers expressing concern about the longevity of TDC 2000 systems, in view of the manufacturer’s apparent reduced commitment to future support for this equipment. Replacement requires advanced planning, involves significant expenditures which may not be compatible with existing budgets, and is difficult to justify based on expected return on investment.

We have good news for those customers who would like to reliably extend the life of their existing TDC 2000 system. Yamatake (now Azbil), who co-developed the TDC 2000 with Honeywell, has made a commitment to offer support for this equipment through at least 2025. The range of support possibilities includes new replacement printed circuit boards for Hiway boxes, a system audit service to analyze the condition of your system, TAC, and complete support contracts.

The first product introduced to facilitate this extended support is the VREG, or Versatile Regulator, now available from Western Process Computers, Inc. This high-quality, maintenance-free regulator can power any of the boxes on the Hiway, and runs cooler and produces less ripple than any of its predecessors.

The most exciting new product from Yamatake, now available for sale, is the Integrated Common Electronics printed circuit board (ICE), which can replace any of 44 original TDC 2000 printed circuit boards. This product replaces the Hiway interface, processor, PROM/RAM, and memory boards from all of the Hiway boxes (except the AMC), all on a single printed circuit board (no jumper boards required). The personality of the board (Basic Controller, Reserve Controller Director, PIU, etc.) is jumper-selectable, and the product emulates the original microprocessor instead of using a new microprocessor and having to re-write all of the original PROM code.

Contact WPC to discuss your options for complete support of your TDC 2000 system.