Azbil Robust A/D Mux - 80604117-001

Azbil Robust A/D Mux - 80604117-001

ARMux Data Sheet

Azbil Robust A/D Mux

The Azbil Robust A/D Mux Card (ARMux) is an input card used in the common card file. The ARMux can be used in both primary and reserve controllers of the Basic (CB), Extended (EC) and Multifunction (MFC) controllers. The original analog input cards used in these controllers have well known design and component availability issues. The new ARMux is a current technologies based re-design of the original input card. By replacing older, limited life technology with today’s state of the art technologies, users of these products are assured of long term support and a more robust control system.

The ARMux provides sixteen input circuits that are equivalent to the original design (8 PV / 8 RV) and is compatible with other board types used within these controllers.

Benefits of the A/D Mux Card

The ARMux supports Data Hiway user requirements for economical continuation of process control and process interface functions which are crucial for safe and stable process plant operations. The ARMux provides the following specific benefits:

      • * Calibration free Plug and Play replacement for the original analog input card.
      • * New technology design with improved internal diagnostics and status indication via onboard LEDs.
      • * Power on self-test including auto zero and input high calibration.
      • * Continuous zero calibration prior to A/D conversion to eliminate temperature drift.
      • * MTBF increased 5X.
      • * Power consumption reduced 4X.
      • * Improved environmental tolerance due to conformal coating.

    Note: When replacing a failed UCIO card it is recommended that both UCIO cards are replaced with Azbil’s AROC cards and the jumper card and cable are replaced with the ARMux